Okey I'm sorry if this entry will make no sense at all but I just wanted to explain a thing....(???haha look's like it's supposed to be a big anouncement or something)...*NO try to be serious Sara*.......okay.....the reason of all this random writing is because yeasterday me and some frieds (Sara S, Kajsa, Michaela, Fanny, Kristoffer, Walter, Emrik and myself if you wanted to know) went out to a lake about 5 km from were I live, the place is called Hundsjön (directly tanslated: The dog lake) and there we were going to "live" for the next like 15 (I think) hours. So we made our own little camping-thing-with-tents-and-fire- and u know the story. So this night I did not sleep even a minute because we had so much fun and were like 7 people pressed into a 3-4 man tent (it was kiiiind'a tight) and just laughing at eachother and eating all the "bad" food you could imagine (soda, potato chips, cheesdodles, marshmallows and so on)....So today I'm kind of tired/sick of sugar and my bed is like calling for me but I can't sleep know because then I wont be able to sleep tonight. So now I think I'm going to start PS and get some editing work out of the way. So I'm sorry for this long text which proably do not make any sense at all (and proabably have A LOT of spelling/grama things gotten wrong, but to be honest I AM REALLY BAD AT THAT SHHHH**T) and I'm sure many of you won't even read it all but it doesn't matter...noo I'm just gonna stop writing now. LOVE TO YOU ALL

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2011-07-27 @ 20:46:02
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