Life at the moment

Studying. Working. Friends. Sleeping. Running. Eating. Photographing. Alternative-band listening. Occasionally partying. Singing&Playing. Series Watching. Reading. Actively diary writing. Blogging badly. 

Am forever missing summer. I can barley sleep. I stess about everything and what will I do with my life. Really? Just a bit more. Just write this essay and you will have the weekend off this time. No coffestained squared pages willl stare at you this time. Nope, you got to do this to. Deadline 23.59 on sunday. Do it. Get over it.
   I long for a autum were I have time to take long walks and not have to worry. Find new favourite albums. Drink endless cups of tea and edit. Play guitar and put notes and chords next to my words that I wrote on late nights before I passed out drunk and tired. I have even started to write sad words in my math book, next to graphs, pq-formulas and logarithms, hiding them when teachers pass by. The wierdest music in my headphones. Continue. You don't have time for this. I'll just drink the last sip of coffe and learn complicated things for another 600 days. Maybe I can make something of my life. But until then I can just embroider the truth, because sometimes it just tastes as bad as the coffe on the bottom of the cup, cold and bitter.

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