That Lipstick Obsession


After All

Might not be alone after all
 I think I might be
Alive again 
But after all
Who am I kidding
I'm too afraid of this
After all
I've stumbled down this road before
But I still want it



skool sukks

Had to wait for the bus in freezing cold wind for 20 minutes. Swedish winter on it's way i guess...

Sunny Autumn Days

Finally got myself out and about to take some autumn pictures. AND I have been editing a lot more this weekend. But of course, its school again tomorrow...

Turning Cold



Arctic Monkeys. Alt-J. The Strokes. Mary Lambert.

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I reeeally need to get myself out and take autom pictures. I have been haveing that much inspo for my pictures lately and it feel really sad since I have a new lens and all. Hoping that some hipsterpartoftumblr + weheartit can solve this and hopefully I will be out soon a make magic with my camera.


Michaela tog en bild på mig. Hihihi.

Rockhouse Gbg



The fountain in Sundvall. Wow, finally friday. Need to get some photoshop work done this weekend and study (aka. watch series and complain about homework).

Götet get back here

Don't want to study. At all. Not even slightly. I want to sleep, wake up and plan another trip again. I neeed something to work for. It's too early for school stress at this time of the year.

New lens

Forgot to tell you that I got a new lens and a memory card. Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 and Kingston 16GB Sd-card. Sorry for bad blogging lately. Got a lot of stuff to do now that school have started, but i will try my best to find time and patience to edit and blog.


Runa again.


Took a sneak peak in the archive from 2011. The year when I started to blog in english. Kinda' miss it actually. Even if I clearly can see that my spelling/grammar used to be horrible (might still be), I am debating with myself on whether or not to blog in english again..


ÄÄÄÄlskar den sista bilder på Runa. Dock så fick jag inte dem övere att matcha vilket inte var lika roligt. Känner att jag inte har lika mycket tid för foto och bloggen nu när skolan börjat vilket suger men jag ska göra mitt bästa att blogga mer än vad jag tex. gjorde förra året.

Mary Lambert

Favorit just nu.

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