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Räkbåten Augusti 2015

La Cause

The lake beside St Victoire

St Victoire

About a month ago we climbed the very pretty mountain St Victoire. We got hungry though so we did not make it all the way up. Next time though.

Partner in Crime

Minna: My fellow Au Pair friend, classsmate and travel companion. You can find her blog HERE. We spent the last weekend in Nice, meet other au pairs, ate lots of food, drank wine and danced on bar tables all night. We had the privilege of spending the night with our fellow swede au pair Annie (BLOG) who has her own small studio in the center of Nice. All and all a wonderful trip and pictures willl be comming because Nice is simply gorgeous.




Fick besök av ett födelsedagsbarn igår. En ung dam på nyss fylda 18 vårar. Bilden är från i sommras då vi var på tågluff.


Skrev högskole provet igår för första gången. Gick helt skapligt tror jag. Jag kommer att göra om det i höst och säkerligen nästa vår också för att få så bra resultat som möjligt. Det var ordentligt svårt dock med tidspressen men jag hoppas att resultatet som jag kommer att få om 4 veckor är åtminstonde medelmåttigt. Efter varje provdel så får man skriva över sina svar i ett eget kontrollpapper och sen rätta det då svaren kommer ut ca klockan 17. Mina reslutat var 28/40, 25/40. 24/40 och 25/40 (kvantitativ, verbal, kvantitativ, verbal) vilket ger 52/80 på den kvantitativa delen och 49/80 på den verbala delen. Om man går på förra årets normerings så skulle det ge mig 1.25 som poäng, men som sagt så måste man vänta och se tills årets nomeringstabell är klar för att få den poäng som räknas. Jag är iallafall ganska nöjd med hur det gick men hoppas såklart att det kommer att gå bättre nästa år.


About blooging: I might be back.


Pictures from december 2013
I have been away for a loooong time now. I set the blog aside from my life for a while since I have not been having the inpiration for either blogging, editing or photagraphy at all in these past weeks. I had a wonderful winter break with alot happening including moving, new years, christmas and so on. Other than that I have mostly been studying. Like...everyday. I have a lot of things to get done in school and then I have to study for my drivers licence and prepare for the "högskoleprov" which I am taking for the first time in April. But if I might, maybe, perhaps, eventually have some time over I might just start to edit my pile of pictures. No promises though.


(overdose of tumblr, sorry not sorry)


Just a random one. Sorry.
This week I would like to think that I have been a better blogger. I am currently trying to find the balance between school, work, friends, intrests, creative stuff and sleep. The last one have been procrastinated quite a while now but I am working on that too. I write long lists of what to do all the time to not loose it which, too some extent, help me alot. Because, things have really been thrown up side down lately, both for myself and for my surroundings. But although, even if my life might feel stressful at times, I am fairly content with it aswell. I ended up somewhere well after all.

It has been too long


This drawing is the last "serious" drawing that I created. It has almost 2 years. My motivation to create has not always been at its best and I just have been so caught up in school. Even if this is the last day of the break and I probably should have practiced this idea day ago when I had time, I feel like I should sit down and try again someday soon. See what has happened with my ability to draw realistic portraits. Because it makes me sad to think that I have lost this craft in my procrastination of everything I want to do.

From June


New header

I have been the worst blogger lately. But that's what happens when you go to a science program and want the grades that I am currently striving for. But now I am on break, and even if I still have a lot of work to do (yes, school stuff (and yes, it has to be done on the break)), I will find the time to edit as much a possible and post stuff of course. Also, I am planning a possible shoot and to take some pictures of the mysterius fog that is being present at afternoons were I live.
Now: back to photoshop and endless cups of tea. See you soon.

Runa & Michaela

Life at the moment

Studying. Working. Friends. Sleeping. Running. Eating. Photographing. Alternative-band listening. Occasionally partying. Singing&Playing. Series Watching. Reading. Actively diary writing. Blogging badly. 

Am forever missing summer. I can barley sleep. I stess about everything and what will I do with my life. Really? Just a bit more. Just write this essay and you will have the weekend off this time. No coffestained squared pages willl stare at you this time. Nope, you got to do this to. Deadline 23.59 on sunday. Do it. Get over it.
   I long for a autum were I have time to take long walks and not have to worry. Find new favourite albums. Drink endless cups of tea and edit. Play guitar and put notes and chords next to my words that I wrote on late nights before I passed out drunk and tired. I have even started to write sad words in my math book, next to graphs, pq-formulas and logarithms, hiding them when teachers pass by. The wierdest music in my headphones. Continue. You don't have time for this. I'll just drink the last sip of coffe and learn complicated things for another 600 days. Maybe I can make something of my life. But until then I can just embroider the truth, because sometimes it just tastes as bad as the coffe on the bottom of the cup, cold and bitter.

Götet get back here

Don't want to study. At all. Not even slightly. I want to sleep, wake up and plan another trip again. I neeed something to work for. It's too early for school stress at this time of the year.

Mary Lambert

Favorit just nu.

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