I say don't you know

....insert name...

Love when you just take a random pic and it just happen to turn out awesome

Förlåt Sorry Sentimos Désolé

SHit har inte bloggar på evigheter. Har knappt fotat eller suttit i Ps, därav bildbrist och ingen bloggning. Men har så fullt upp med Grubberevyn och allt nu....men får försöka bättra mig...typ

Pirates of the Caribbean

Saw this one yesterday, and I just LOVE IT! Love Johnny Depp, love the way it's filmed, and I just get so much inspiration....And yes, I started to draw immediately when I came home

gaah boring pics

Gaah! I really want to post good pic's and I'v been wanting to have a photoshoot with my friend Sara for like forever but I'v been so bussy with all schoolstuff and all but today'll maybe be the day. Actually I will call her now I think, hugs!

Summer soon!

I wrote my last test in math today...for this term at least! Feels kind of awesome, even thought the test went horrible and I'v been catching a cold so I could not concentrate 100% but can't do anything about now so let's just..forget about it. But yeah here are 4 pics which i just edited. edited with tears for all my coughing...haha anyway have a good friday/weekend pepps!

the last one


nothing too special

A few pic's I took when me and my friends were making a movie, it was really fun accually, but this editing was not so good, they are almost untouched. Anyway I might post some more of them soon. xo

Somewhere among the clouds


'It's friday, friday'.....no serious got to get thart song out of my head...somehow. Anyway, just watched Alice in Wonderland (and i know like i'm 3 months behind) great movie looove Johnny Depp!

once again, two styles

Another weekend just passed by

...And of course I forgot to blog...

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