found my way back

It has been about 3 years since my hip hop period where it was the foundation of my Spotify list. I can't say that I am very into it now, but rather that I have found my way back to this guy. Drake's Take Care album has been in my head phones a lot lately, and today I also found out that he had just released Nothing Was the Same which I have just briefly gone through one time. I like it.





Shit's a fucking struggle at times




Träffade Danny i GBG


Considering going dark



Just a random one. Sorry.
This week I would like to think that I have been a better blogger. I am currently trying to find the balance between school, work, friends, intrests, creative stuff and sleep. The last one have been procrastinated quite a while now but I am working on that too. I write long lists of what to do all the time to not loose it which, too some extent, help me alot. Because, things have really been thrown up side down lately, both for myself and for my surroundings. But although, even if my life might feel stressful at times, I am fairly content with it aswell. I ended up somewhere well after all.



As the leaves fell..

 ..who would have known that I would be among the fallen too



Bye October


It has been too long


This drawing is the last "serious" drawing that I created. It has almost 2 years. My motivation to create has not always been at its best and I just have been so caught up in school. Even if this is the last day of the break and I probably should have practiced this idea day ago when I had time, I feel like I should sit down and try again someday soon. See what has happened with my ability to draw realistic portraits. Because it makes me sad to think that I have lost this craft in my procrastination of everything I want to do.



Pieces in Poetry


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