I miss summer like always. There is nothing I can do but freezing my legs of every time I exit home/school/the bus ect. I long for travelling to warmer places more than ever.


Editing work I did for my schoolpaper (note that the pictures are not mine).


Pictures from december 2013
I have been away for a loooong time now. I set the blog aside from my life for a while since I have not been having the inpiration for either blogging, editing or photagraphy at all in these past weeks. I had a wonderful winter break with alot happening including moving, new years, christmas and so on. Other than that I have mostly been studying. Like...everyday. I have a lot of things to get done in school and then I have to study for my drivers licence and prepare for the "högskoleprov" which I am taking for the first time in April. But if I might, maybe, perhaps, eventually have some time over I might just start to edit my pile of pictures. No promises though.

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